Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lightkeeper's Bride

by Collen Coble

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Katie Russell enjoys her job as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California. She hears many things as she works the lines, but one night, a familiar voice catches her attention. Her friend Eliza disappears shortly thereafter, and Katie soon suspects that the crime may be linked to the new lighthouse keeper, Will Jesperson.

They form an alliance, trying to solve the mysteries that surround Eliza's disappearance, and it slowly begins to blossom into something more. But she is expected to marry well, not a lighthouse keeper with neither name nor fortune. Will she be able to look past society's expectations, as well as those of her parents? Will peace from God be enough for her future, no matter what or who is in it?

Collen Coble has done it again with The Lightkeeper's Bride. The second installment in the Mercy Falls Series, she weaves a tale of suspense, intrigue, mystery, romance, and historical drama. I couldn't put the book down, much like the first one. There was such a character contrast between the inquisitive Katie and Will's irresponsible brother Philip.

All in all, it had a very suspenseful plot and believable characters. There were times I wasn't sure if Coble was going to ever get to the happy ending as everyone was in one fix or another in this wild ride set in 1908, California. I learned a lot about the actual process of a telephone operator in this time period, and the book was a peek into the Progressive Era, of which I know little about. A wonderful book, and one I will recommend!  

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