Friday, February 1, 2013

Private Justice

by Terri Blackstock

Zondervan Publishers

Mark and Allie Branning never planned on a marriage that turned out like this. One night of weakness on Mark's part, Allie discovering his not so platonic relationship with the beautiful paramedic Issie, and their marriage is over as far as Allie is concerned. Not willing to get a divorce on the spot, they choose to separate instead; Mark moving out to his own apartment, and Allie staying at home and continuing to run the florist shop they own. 

But when a firefighter's wife is shot and burned in her own home, the game they are playing becomes a dangerous one. Thinking a murderer is on the loose, Mark wants to protect Allie from any harm that may come to her. When a second firefighter's wife is killed, the stakes grow ever higher for the Branning's dying marriage. Unsure of whether Allie will be safe as Mark is also a firefighter, he does everything to protect Allie from the murderer who seems determined to leave firefighters as widowers. But when Allie becomes a target, will Mark be able to save her from her fate? Or will the decision to save their marriage be completely taken from both of their hands?

I first read this novel as a girl. I couldn't have been more than 10 years old when I saw my mom was reading this book and I just HAD to see what was so great about it. Naturally, my mother said it was way above my head, and this of course, fueled my determination to read it despite her thinking it was above my maturity level. But as it was then when I first read went through this novel, and still remains true; Blackstock brings to life a story that pulses with excitement, danger, romance, and lots and lots of mystery. And while I might not give this to my future ten year-olds to read, if they are anything like me, they are going to take it anyway and discover a whole new world waiting to be explored. 

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