Monday, February 25, 2013

Lassoed in Texas Trilogy

by Mary Connealy

Barbour Publishers

Petticoat Ranch

Sophie Edwards has been a widow in Mosqueros, Texas long enough to know exactly what she's doing. She knows how to protect herself and her four daughters, and she has life down pat. That is, until an oddly familiar man nearly kills himself on her property and then has the staunch audacity to turn right around and insinuate her family needs protection. When the family of five women discover who the mystery man is, does Clay McClellan stand a chance against the toughest women he's ever met in his entire life? Do these gals even really need the protection he feels he can offer them as husband and father?

Calico Canyon
Grace Calhoun is a teacher on the run from a man who is determined to catch up to her. Her past has been anything but pleasant, but she strives to look forward to a better future. But somehow, trouble seems to dog her every footstep, and she encounters something even worse - the six R's. Rowdy Daniel Reeves and his uneducated, motherless sons have more energy than a bull right after being branded. As a matter of fact, she's surprised any of the boys have survived to live as long as they have. And their bull-headed father Daniel, is not much better. Can Grace bring order to the six Reeves boys? Or are they a project just too big to handle? 

Gingham Mountain

Hannah Cartwright has been raising orphans for as long as she can remember. She considers herself their "sister" and gives them as much love as she wishes she would have had. When one of her orphans accidentally gets adopted by a man named Grant, she is determined to ensure the safety of her mute sister, Libby. What she finds out displeases her immensely; as she finds out this man has been adopting children since he was 17, not married, and has had over 20 children in his care for the last ten years. Set on thinking he is forcing the orphans into child labor, she goes out on a limb to ensure the safety of all the children. Will Hannah realize that Grant is doing the best he can for those who cannot provide for themselves? Or will other things get in the way - namely a certain seamstress in town - that will ruin the good thing Grant has going?

I have heard so much about Connealy's books, and as soon as I was able to get my hands on some of her writing, I quickly found out why she has so many rave reviews. I laughed so much over this book, my husband actually got irritated with all the noise I was making. The shenanigans from the girls in the first book were hilarious to read. Grace's primness versus the Reeves in book two had me bursting in giggles almost every page. And while book three was a little more serious, I had to just laugh at Hannah and her overactive imagination. A very enjoyable read, and one I will revisit again and again.  

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