Tuesday, February 26, 2013


by Travis Thrasher

Faith Words Publishers

Laila has the money and the means to live any kind of life she wants. But when she makes a bad choice, she believes she is beyond redemption and becomes a call girl in Chicago. When a client becomes dangerous, she shoots him to protect herself. Six months later, she is full of guilt and self-recrimination, and every shadow is a piece of her past trying to get her. Haunted by the things she's done and all the things she never will get to do, Laila can only run so far from herself.

When a complete stranger approaches her claiming he knows what she's done, Laila first instinct is to run. How can anyone know the truths of her past she has been so careful to hide - even from herself? Convinced that no one could possibly have discovered the secrets she has never voiced aloud, she begins to see the man she killed even as she runs away from the truth of every evil thing she's ever done. As she tries to run from herself, will her plea for grace come too late? Or has the past truly caught up to her and the time of redemption long gone?

Thrasher's novels always makes me contemplate the deeper meaning of life. This one is no different. I try to fill my life with one activity or another, trying to pass the time, trying not to face about the things I've done. But he forces me to stop and reconsider the way I live, and what is in my heart. Laila has made some bad choices. But the heavy questions of redemption and grace, and whether it's ever truly too late to change who you are gives you cause to question your life and re-evaluate where you stand in anticipation of eternity. A though provoking novel that caused me to wonder how broken I am willing to be before I surrender to the One who can heal any kind of broken life, heart or soul. 

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