Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Dawn

by Kathryn Cushman

Bethany House

Grace Graham is used to running from her problems. She has left her family, relationships, and responsibilities behind just to avoid having to deal with things. But then her sister calls her, and gives Grace the ultimatum of her life: come back home or never come back at all. Grace takes an unpaid leave from work to come give her sister a hand with their father after his surgery, bringing her four-year-old son Dylan, with her.

Things seem to be going alright until Dylan comes down with something. Unable to find the organic food Dylan is used to, Grace simply thinks it is the foreign environment and believes he will be fine in no time. But when Dylan is diagnosed with measles, all eyes fall on her for choosing not to vaccinate her son. Has Grace threatened the lives of the young children in Shoal Creek with her decisions?

This book covers a couple of heavy topics; namely the issue of whether or not to vaccinate children against childhood diseases. Grace made the decision she thought was best at the time. But as with most important things, there was a catch. It made me think twice about my stance and personal opinion, especially with Cushman's poignant portrayal of both sides. A fresh perspective and wonderful novel from one of my favorite authors.

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