Thursday, February 21, 2013

Northern Lights Trilogy

by Lisa T. Bergren

WaterBrook Press

The Captain's Bride

Captain Peder Ramstad and his new bride Elsa Anders, embark on a journey from their homeland in Norway to America, taking some of their closest friends with them. Soren and Kaatje Jansen are wanting a fresh start, and their marriage depends on it. Karl Martensen has been Peder's best friend since childhood, and though he carries a torch for Elsa, he keeps it hidden from them both. Last, but not least, Elsa's seductive and stubborn little sister Tora, stows away and accompanies them as well, causing more chaos and heartbreak than one person should ever be allowed. Will they find the peace they seek in a new land? Or will the things they run away from in Norway follow them even to the New World?

Deep Harbor

Peder, Elsa, Karl, Soren, Kaatje, and Tora find out exactly how high the price of a new beginning really is. Soren disappears without a trace. Kaatje is left alone with two daughters to raise. Elsa faces the greatest tragedy of her life and a hopeless future. Karl finds disappointment at every turn, and finds no real satisfaction in living. Tora discovers the true meaning of consequences of her actions, and is unable to live with them. Will the price they paid to have a promising future have cost them more than they are willing to pay? Or have their dreams be as empty as the promises they made to themselves - and each other? 

Midnight Sun

Kaatje want to know the truth - once and for all - of Soren's fate. Her new found friendship with a humble Tora Anders strengthens her resolve to go find him in the land of the midnight sun. Elsa Ramstad is the captain of Peder's ship, and she is alone in raising her two children. Karl has never found the companion of his dreams, finding only disappointment and disillusionment in his quest. Will their friendships, old and new, be able to sustain them in the trials and troubles that await them? Or will their darkest days become a bright light of hope of a better future for all of them?

This has to be the most suspenseful, romantic trilogy I have ever read. Something about the way Bergren portrayed all her characters in such a flawed, human way captured my interest and held me to the last page. None of these people were perfect, far from it, but I felt so invested in each of their lives I couldn't help but be transported to the time and place in my imagination. It was with a heavy heart I read the last page, unwilling to let it all end. This e-book edition really makes it too easy to become absorbed, forever lost in the pages of the tale, and I will never be able to forget any of the characters that became so dear to me in so little time. Recommended to anyone who wants to read an unforgettable tale of love, loss, and faith.

This e-book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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