Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beyond Tuesday Morning

by Karen Kingsbury

Zondervan Publishers

Three years have come and gone since the horrible reality that was 9/11. Jamie and Sierra are adjusting to life without Jake, and Jamie finds comfort in volunteering at the memorial chapel across from where the towers once proudly stood. The pain of Jake's death is slowly easing, and as she is beginning to open her heart to others, she feels a connection with a police officer she meets from Los Angelos. 

Jamie is stunned to discover that the police officer from LA is actually Eric Michael's brother, Clay. Eric was a man she never wanted to see again after presuming him to be her firefighter husband, Jake. Devastated by what feels like the double loss of her beloved Jake, she is crushed to find out that Clay is Eric's brother. Will Clay and Jamie be able to overlook the past? Or will Eric forever remind Jamie of everything she has lost and rob her of a joyful future?

This was a wonderful sequel to "One Tuesday Morning." While the whirlwind relationship between Jamie and Clay seems a little sudden, it has been known to happen. Seeing Jamie go from the pain of loosing her forever sweetheart, to walking the path of healing was amazing to read in the pages of a book. Kingsbury always manages to draw her readers in, and suck them into her story. This follow-up novel is no different, and I enjoyed every word, every sentence, and every page. An enjoyable read that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.


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