Monday, January 7, 2013

Deep Harbor

by Lisa T. Bergren

WaterBrook Press

Building new lives in America, Elsa, Karl, Kaatje, and Tora find out exactly how high the cost of rebuilding really is. When personal tragedies devastate each of their lives, the price of a new life on American soil is almost too great a cost. Soren's disappearance leaves Kaatje alone with two daughters and no hope of his return. Elsa is faced with the worst tragedy of her life and an unpredictable future. Karl is alone and unable to find any real joy in life. Will any of the Bergensen's find the new life they seek? Or will their dreams be dashed in the new country that was supposed to mean a fresh start for all of them?

This sequel to Captain's Bride was as tragic as it was intriguing. I enjoyed the follow-up stories of characters I met previously, but good gracious me! They had one thing after another happen to them to the point I concluded it was as close as real life as you can get in a story. Life is full of disappointments, lost chances and loosing loved ones. But this book takes you on a journey that is sad, yet realistically echoes many a shattered dream and broken promises that are true to most of our lives. There were happy times in this story as well, but the harshness and reality faced by many immigrants in their journey and new life in America is perfectly portrayed while drawing you into the life of each and every person. 

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