Tuesday, January 22, 2013


by Travis Thrasher

Moody Publishers

Michael Grey never gets phone numbers from women like Jasmine. And why should he? He is a happily married man with two children, a beautiful wife Lisa, and a nine to five executive of an up-and-coming company. What more could he want? But the demon of lust must always be fed, and old habits rise to the surface and tempt him almost beyond that which he is able to resist. Will anyone even notice him following her? What starts as simple curiosity turns into a twisted, sick, horrific turn of events. Will Michael be too late to realize everything that Jasmine is? Or has he already sold his soul to the devil and blinded by the lusts of the flesh?

In this fast-paced novel that spans less than twenty four hours, it is easy to get lost in the book only to realize it's already over. You end up on a journey of sorts, a roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil that is going through Michael's mind as he contemplates his next move. The element I liked the best about this story, is that I realized it's never too late too stop. There was so many ways of escape that God provided for Michael, yet he continued to ignore the signs. But for us reading the story, it is a reality check that it is never too late to stop doing wrong. You don't have to rationalize it or explain in to yourself; you just stop. A novel that, despite it's quick pace and short length, I will come to again and again.

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