Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Glory of Green

by Judy Christie

Abingdon Press

Lois finally has her life - personal and at The Green News-Item under control. She is getting married to a wonderful man, Chris, and despite his odd collection in catfish items which come in every material known to man, she is touched when he gives his home away to a needy Mexican family. Things are coming together so nicely, she's even starting to get along with the puppy that Eva, the town mayor, gave her as an early wedding gift.

But it wouldn't be Green if the wedding came and went without a hitch. A major tornado strikes right after the vows are said between Lois and Chris; whipping the town like a smoothie and randomly destroying the homes in it's path. Many are left without homes, and the ones with anything left try to help those in need. With Chris having just given his home away, and Lois still trying to get back to her little place on Route 2, will the newlyweds have anything left? Or are they now one of the many homeless people in the town of Green Louisiana?

So many times an author will try to depict a disaster, or dire crisis and it can fall flat. But somehow Christie manages to make the most unbelievable fate fall upon her characters and it is so realistic and genuine you actually believe a series of unfortunate events can fall upon this one girl we love so much. The Green Series has done nothing but entertain and humor me from it's first words - give Green a chance and you too can taste from it's wonders.

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