Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fiddler

by Beverly Lewis

Bethany Publishers

Amelia DeVries is a classical violinist that is unhappy with her life. Tired of keeping a secret from her family, and emotionally exhausted by practices and performances, she takes a little detour into Lancaster County. Her car decides to let her down deep in the mountains, and after her phone leaves her stranded she walks to the nearest house. She discovers an enchanting log cabin, and most puzzling of all, an Amish man inside.

Michael Hostetler is disillusioned with his family's expectations of him as well. He loves them, yet he just doesn't feel that he can follow their footsteps and make the lifelong commitment to the Amish church. After Amelia ends up on his doorstep, he recognizes they are in the same place in life. Inviting her to come along to Lancaster County to extend her impromptu road trip, both Michael and Amelia make more discoveries than  they ever bargained for. Will they ever be able to make decisions that honor Michael's heritage and Amelia's legacy?

Picking up my first violin at 3 years of age, I truly enjoyed this book. The details of Amelia's concerts, the authenticity of the musician "lingo", and every little violinist nuance made me feel as if she was an extension of myself, a character I could believe in. But I'm afraid that to someone who has no interest in a violinist's life, it may be overbearing tale filled with too much time devoted to things only a fellow string player would enjoy. So that being said, it was a very good book for me and one that I enjoyed. All the same, anyone that loves Amish fiction and Beverly Lewis will find this visit to Lancaster County a delightful one.

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