Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gone to Green

by Judy Christie

Abingdon Press

Lois is a corporate journalist that just got a reality check. Forced to put her job on hold, she sets off for the small town of Green, Louisiana to run a small paper that publishes only two editions a week. She inherited The Green News-Item unexpectedly from a close colleague, and being that the poor man died before he could achieve his small town dream, she is reluctant to just sell it off before giving it a chance. Committing to an entire year in Green, Lois sets about finding her place as the new boss.

If only her problems were in the singular. She was expecting a small town full of friendly, happy people, and what she discovers almost makes her turn around and head back to Ohio. She finds her new home is in the outskirts of town, with virtually no neighbors. Before she can even get her bearings, she is facing prejudices, corruption, and the everyday struggle to keep the paper out of the red. But along the way she makes surprising friendships with the citizens of Green, and it almost makes it hard to leave when the year is up and she is preparing to sell the paper. Will Lois realize that a small town is where her heart really is? Or will the allure of her job back in Ohio be stronger than the people of Green?

I found myself believing these people were actually real. As if I was simply reading a re-telling of things that actually happened. This right here is fiction at it's finest. The story draws you in, makes you feel like you can jump in the car and just drive to Green. I can see the flattened newspaper rack Lois keeps hitting when she's in a hurry, I can see the flowers along Route 2, and I can see and feel the small town charm in my mind's eye.  A really good story that comes with four more books in the series. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have all five books before you start this one - you're not going to want to wait for more.

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