Monday, November 12, 2012

Danny Gospel

by David Athey

Bethany Publishers

Danny lived a simple life with his family; singing in their gospel band to the point that the public referred to them as the "Gospel" family. He had it easy with his loving family around him, keeping him from harm and life's harder lessons. But as the years progress Danny's family members die off one by one, leaving only his brother.

Amid the tranquility of the small town in Iowa, Danny is a postman leading a rather disappointing life. Missing his family, the band, the farm upbringing, and haunted by memories of a happy past, he dreams a dream that changes everything. He dreams he is kissed by a woman in white, and he is enthusiastically sure she is his wife-to-be. Danny begins his quest to true love, sifting through the memories, trying to find his purpose in life and find where his future lies. But is he searching for something that can never truly be recovered? Or have the answers to life's difficult questions been before him from the beginning?

I didn't realize until I was part way through the book that there was something wrong with Danny. I won't spoil it for anybody, but he truly was a character I will never forget. The simple, yet complex way that he viewed the world was endearing, and made me want to slow down and smell the roses. Despite the loss of nearly all his family members, Danny endures; trying to salvage the good memories of the past and learning from the bad times. I really enjoyed this novel, despite the fact that I wished it would have been a little longer and less abrupt at the end. A good read overall.

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