Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Absence So Great

by Jane Kirkpatrick

Waterbrook Press

Jessie Gaebele's life couldn't be better. Armed with the knowledge to run her own photographic studio, she decides to help owners run their studios while they are sick with mercury poisoning. She steps closer and closer to owning her own studio, and she scrimps and saves until her goal is within her reach.

Despite Jessie's good intentions, it seems as if she is an impasse in her life. She cannot move forward with her studio plans, nor is she making progress with overcoming her infatuation with her tutor and mentor, F.J. Bauer. Is she truly a woman in a man's world, or is she capable of becoming her own person?

While this novel is better enjoyed after the first book, A Flickering Light, it stands well on it's own as well. While the end is predictable, the resolution and peace that is found by the characters is quite astounding considering the subject matter. F.J. Bauer's great lengths to pursuit of a woman he could never have is a little far-fetched to my mind, but some stories are too crazy to be made up. And this one was as close to the heart of the truth as Kirkpatrick could get. I commend her for tackling on such a feat; a fictional depiction and account of the true to life events surrounding her grandmother's life. A work well done.

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