Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The King's Legacy

by Jim Stovall
David C. Cook Publishers

In a land far, far away, in a time long, long ago, lived a king who was good and kind. During his long reign, he brings his kingdom to a time of peace and prosperity. Wanting to leave a legacy behind, he asks his wise men to help him decide what kind of memory he will leave behind. Will he build a statue of grand heights? A building of grandeur and unthinkable beauty? A coin with his image that will be used by the poor and rich alike?

Then one of his wise men advises that he discover the wisdom of the ages, to share with the people of the present and of the future. Some little piece of wisdom that will live on even after they are all gone. So the king invites citizens of every walk of life to share their wisdom, one by one. Will anyone have the one piece of wisdom to rival all others?

This was a charming story set in the distant past, with many examples of good wisdom that are allegorical in nature. The people bring forth the wisdom they have learned through experiences of their trade as well as life itself. We all fancy ourselves as knowledgeable on one thing or another, but Stovall shows us at story's end that some of life's greatest mysteries are truly very simple indeed.

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