Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prize of My Heart

by Lisa Norato

Bethany House Publishers

It is 1815 in Duxboro, Massachusetts, and Captain Brogan Talvis  is one of the youngest privateer captains to sail the seas. Orphaned at a young age, family means everything to him. So when his wife Abigail coldly informs him that she gave up their son because she can no longer care for him, Brogan is furious and heartbroken all at once. How could she do this to him? 

After three long years, Brogan finally locates his son. Benjamin Talvis, now five years old and re-named Andrew Benjamin Huntley by his guardian, Nathaniel Huntley and his daughter, Lorena. Drew is the light of her eyes, and a delight to them both. When Captain Talvis is mysteriously very good with Drew, Lorena is disquieted and unsettled about the whole matter. Something doesn't feel right, and yet, how can she blame her young charge for admiring the same man that has captivated her own heart? Will she finally be able to confess her own secret concerning Drew? Or is Brogan going to have to find out the ugly truth for himself? 

I was somewhat determined not to fall for this story. I mean, how much High Seas adventure can you realistically portray in a novel of 300 pages? But Norato surprised me and won me over from the first chapter. Drew is a charming little boy, Brogan is intimidating yet big-hearted, and Lorena is cautious yet loves with all her heart. Nathaniel is seemingly impervious to everything until he stands to loose the ones he loves the most. A very enjoyable story with just the right amount of romance and adventure. 

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