Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Mercy

by Ann Tatlock

Bethany House Publishers

Eve Marryat has life all figured out. She knows who she wants to be in life (not like her sister, Cassandra,) and she knows what she believes (Prohibition means exactly that. Prohibited.) It is 1931, and when her father gets laid off from his job he packs up the family and relocates them to Mercy, Ohio where his brothers are. Eve's uncle, Cy Marryat provides a place for the family at Marryat Island Ballroom and Lodge, and in return, they help him run the place. 

Happy to escape the haven for criminals St. Paul has become, Eve settles on life on Marryat Island like she's lived there forever. She becomes friends with the some of the local young people, and life that summer is just one happy day after another. But when she accidentally discovers something that was never meant for her to find, will living on the island may turn out to be exactly what she was trying to get away from in St. Paul? And what will happen with the new friendships she has made - especially with one young man called Link? 

There was a lot of surprises for me in this book. I try to open each novel with an open mind and the knowledge that it is just a story, woven from the mind of the author. But Tatlock wrote a tale that mirrors the hopes and dreams that will always be constant themes for humanity. The hope of a fresh start. The dream for a better life. Things we all want at some point in our life. This novel speaks of the things that are important; family, moral choices, and most of all - love. A wonderful place to escape for a few hours, and a story you will regret having to finish. 

This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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