Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Short-Straw Bride

by Karen Witemeyer
Bethany House Publishers

Meredith Hayes is at spunky as a 10 year old girl in her position can be. Being raised by her aunt and uncle doesn't exactly endear her to her peers at school and in the community. The only friend she has is her cousin, Cassandra. When an accident lands her at the mercy of the infamous Archer brothers, her life is forever changed by Travis, the eldest. Gruff and responsible for the well being of his brothers, he kindly helps Meredith in her time of need and gets her safely home.

Ten years later, Meredith has made Travis quite a hero. In her mind, no matter how intimidating the Archer brothers are, Travis will always hold a special place in her heart. So when she hears their lives and livelihood are in danger, she does the only thing that seems right. She goes to the Archer ranch -alone - to warn them. Once there, things just start to go wrong. The brothers want proof and Meredith has nothing to offer them except her word. Travis detains her, demanding a thorough explanation. Before they know it, she is staying the night. Reputation in tatters, they draw straws to see who will claim her as his bride. Will the brother that picks the short straw actually want her? Or is the straw picking method just giving her as a bride to the loser?

This novel with as funny as it was serious, and the characters will really grow on you. The brothers are each unique in their own way, and Meredith brings a female presence to love-starved boys that became men all on their own. Journey with the Archer boys, Meredith and her crazy escapades, and all the love and laughter in between.

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