Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Painted Table

by Suzanne Field
Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Norwegian table, a century-old heirloom ingrained with family memory, has become a totem of a life Saffee would rather forget—a childhood disrupted by her mother’s mental illness.

Saffee does not want the table. By the time she inherits the object of her mother’s obsession, the surface is thick with haphazard layers of paint and heavy with unsettling memories.

After a childhood spent watching her mother slide steadily into insanity, painting and re-painting the ancient table, Saffee has come to fear that seeds of psychosis may lie dormant within her. She must confront her mother’s torment if she wants to defend herself against it.

Traversing four generations over the course of a century, The Painted Table is a beautiful portrait of inherited memory. It is a sprawling narrative affirmation that a family artifact—like a family member—can bear the marks of one’s past . . . as well as intimations of one’s redemption.

My Review:

Having personal experience on the topic, Field brings a beautiful story to the table. Traveling through the past, present, and hope of the future, makes for a wonderful premise for this story. Add a family touched by the ravages of mental illness, and it becomes the reason why everyone you know should read this novel. A powerfully touching, deeply emotional and unforgettable drama that will stay with you.

What caught my attention about this story was the stark honesty of the writing despite the pain. Reading about Joann's decent into madness, April and Saffee fighting to keep their sanity - if there were Oscars for books, this one would make the cut. A wonderful story that will continually haunts my thoughts, and gave me a deeper understanding of what it truly means to rely on the One who is always there for us.

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