Friday, January 3, 2014

Rest Not in Peace

by Mel Starr
Lion Fiction

Master Hugh, surgeon and bailiff, is asked to provide a sleeping potion for Sir Henry Burley, a friend and guest of Lord Gilbert at Bampton Castle. Sir Henry—with his current wife, a daughter by a first wife, two knights, two squires, and assorted servants—has outstayed his welcome at Bampton.

The next morning, Sir Henry is found dead, eyes open, in his bed. Master Hugh, despite shrill accusations from the grieving widow, is asked by Lord Gilbert to determine the cause of death . . . which had nothing to do with the potion.

The sixth tale following Hugh de Singleton, Rest Not in Peace is sure to find its place among fans of detective and medieval historical fiction.

My Review:

I absolutely love murder mysteries. Especially those set in creepy castles in far away lands that I will never see with my own eyes. But when you throw Starr into the mix, you've got a mystery to die for. (Slight pun intended.) Starr's knowledge of medicine, vocabulary, and medieval history make this novel ring true with authentic turn of phrases and characters that feel realistic to the setting. Even though I have not read the first five novels in this series, I am absolutely going to backtrack and catch up.

So now comes the part where we talk about Hugh. Hugh is a surgeon with a quick, careful hand, and he knows how to take care of his patients. But when it comes to solving the death of Sir Henry, Hugh is ever-cautious about where the clues will take him. He doesn't over-examine the reason why one man would kill another, but tries to find the truth out before it's too late.

The details Starr adds to this drama truly adds to the narrative of the tale. I feel that even the most reticent reader will enjoy this novel thoroughly, and will find themselves just a little wiser for it. 

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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