Saturday, January 11, 2014

No One To Trust

by Lynette Eason
Revell Publishers

Summer believes she knows her husband, until she wakes up one morning and finds him missing. There are men on the hunt for Kyle, and she has no answers for their queries. Her biggest question is who he is - the loving husband who is a computer programmer, or this man they seek? 

The answers she finds are worse than thinking her husband is a liar. Organized crime is the norm in his world, where human life is is discarded without a second thought. Who is this man she believes to be the one her heart loves? Is his love enough for her to trust that whoever he is - and that there is a good explanation? Shattered by the lies of the past and Kyle's subterfuge, Summer has no choice to hold on to hope until the truth is told.

I loved the pace of this novel, fast and head-spinning. The only negative point for me was how long Summer whined and had trouble accepting her husband's past. I know it can be hard to trust when trust is broken, but this girl really took it to the extreme for the longest. Other than that, the characters were exciting, intriguing in their pasts, and constantly finding themselves in trouble of some sort. The heart-stopping action never stops, and it's a wild ride until the very end. Very good for intrigue, suspense, and mystery fans. 

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