Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Shadow Lamp

by Stephen Lawhead
Thomas Nelson Publishers

The quest for answers—and ultimate survival—hinges on finding the cosmic link between the Skin Map, the Shadow Lamp, and the Spirit Well.
The search for the map of blue symbols began in a rainy alley in London but has since expanded through space and time and includes more seekers.
Kit, Mina, Gianni, Cass, Haven, and Giles have gathered in Mina’s 16th-century coffee house and are united in their determination to find a path back to the Spirit Well. Yet, with their shadow lamps destroyed and key pieces of the map still missing, the journey will be far more difficult than they imagine. And when one of their own disappears with Sir Henry’s cryptic Green Book, they no longer know who to trust.
At the same time, the Zetetic Society has uncovered a terrifying secret which, if proven, will rock the very foundations of Creation. The quest for answers is no longer limited to recovering an unknown treasure. The fate of the universe depends on unraveling the riddle of the Skin Map.

My Review: 

This novel was more of a continuation than an addition to the Bright Empires Series. There was a superficiality to the characters, but they had no depth. The story moves along agreeably, but I was neither impressed or moved by anything in this novel by Lawhead. This book was all over the place, and included a lot of repetition of something that just happened.

I did like the amount of historical places explored, and how Lawhead deals with time travel. The timelines were not confusing or hard to follow, and I did enjoy those two aspects in the story. I typically have a lot more to say about books I review, but I was somewhat disappointed in this one.

This book was provided by the publisher through CSFF for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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