Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Road Home

by Patrick E. Craig
Harvest House Publishers

Author Patrick Craig continues the story of Jenny Springer, the child rescued in A Quilt for Jenna with a story of reconciliation and healing.
Jenny Springer is the local historian for the Amish community in Apple Creek, Ohio. As a child, Jenny was rescued from a terrible snowstorm, and when no trace of her parents could be found, the Springer family adopted her.  Since then she has had a burning desire in her heart to find out who she really is. 
When a drifter, John Hershberger, comes to town looking for his own roots, Jenny gets serious in her search for her long-lost parents.  As she opens doors to her past, she finds the truly surprising answer to her deepest questions. And as John discovers the story of his own heritage, his growing love for Jenny causes him to reexamine his lifelong atheism. In doing so he discovers his need for a real home, a family, and a relationship with God.

My Review:
The 1960's was an odd time in history, and I thoroughly enjoy Amish books in this time period. Add to it that a man wrote this novel, and I must say it made for a winning combination! The Amish genre is sugar-coated quite a bit these days, (that's not to say I don't enjoy them) but this is an eye-opening view of what life was like for them back then. 
Jenny Springer and her parents are back in this second book to the Apple Creek Dreams Series. Adopted by Reuben and Jerusha Springer, Jenna's life is forever changed. Now grown up, she can't help but want to know what is in her past, and she is drawn into a world where drugs, hippies, crime and freedom of choice is the norm. She meets a young man (but of course!) who is also looking for his roots, and they instantly connect as they journey into the past for answers of who they are. 
The element in this book that was a winner for me, was that the message of salvation is plain to see in the writing. Craig is a former pastor, so I expected no less, but I was pleasantly surprised with the richness of the writing, and the power of God's Word throughout the story. The final conclusion is that this is a must-read from the Amish genre; different, but inspirational and uplifting. 
This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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