Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Disappearances

by Linda Byler
Good Books Publishers

Healing and courage reappear in unexpected times and places in this concluding volume of the "Sadie's Montana" series by Amish author, Linda Byler.

Sadie may be married now, but she's as spirited as ever, and her life is no less tame. In fact, soon after she and Mark are settled into the farmhouse which Mark is renovating, she's visited by three FBI agents who question her about the two children who mysteriously appeared one day at the ranch. Before the agents leave, they warn Sadie that her beloved horse, Paris, is highly valuable, and that she and Mark may be in grave danger because of Paris.      

This news, on top of Mark's unexpected black moods, leaves Sadie sometimes wishing she could go home, "lay her head on Mam's shoulder, and ask why she hadn't warned her." But when Sadie is kidnapped at gunpoint by two men in ski masks, her stubborn strength is tested beyond her imagining. Mark disappears emotionally without warning. Now Sadie has disappeared, leaving Mark and her family wracked with worry. And Anna, Sadie's youngest sister, desperate for Neil Hershberger's attention, refuses to eat, plagued by an eating disorder as she fades away. And yet, Mark's younger brother Timothy appears, bringing unexpected life and hope to the family. 

My Review:

Being married clearly didn't settle Sadie down at all - on the contrary, she just has all the more drama in her life. Her initial reluctance with Mark in the last book was for a good reason, but she married him anyways, dark passenger and all. She is now paying for it as he withdraws from her emotionally, but she endures the consequences of her actions with grace. I am still not sure Mark was the best choice for her, but you cannot help who you love.

The story progresses wonderfully, with all the loose ends in the last two books addressed. There was a solid ending, and great writing by Byler, as always, throughout. Between the vague notion that they weren't safe because of their horse, then Sadie's disappearance, an epic conclusion to the series quickly comes to an end. There was so much going on in this book with Mark and Sadie; then Neil and Anna that there no lagging or slow parts! I enjoyed this series very much, and look forward to seeing what else Byler puts out in the future!

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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