Saturday, October 5, 2013

Before the Dawn

by Kathleen Bauer
Guideposts Books

Charlotte Stevenson's life has taken a turn that she doesn't know whether it is for better or worse. A tragic accident has left her grandchildren motherless, and her runaway daughter is lost to her forever. Sixteen years in the past, Charlotte lost her precious daughter to the world, California, to be exact. And Denise never looked back - not even when the children's father left her to raise three children on her own. The mistakes of the past will never be resolved, and the bridge between Charlotte and her daughter eternally severed. 

Sam is sixteen years old and very protective of his siblings. Emily is fourteen and missing her friends almost as much as her mother. And Christopher is ten, with the only desire in his little heart being that he wants to be part of a family again. With Bob and Charlotte getting on in years, will they be able to raise the three broken-hearted children? Will Charlotte have better success with these children then her own daughter? Or is it too late to show them she really cares about them even if they don't know her at all? 

The story was heartwarming and tender; just the kind of book you curl up with on the couch and while the time away. I knew things would eventually turn out fine, but it was all about the journey. It was about feeling Charlotte's struggles, Emily's doubts, Sam's resignation, and Christopher's desire to fit in. It was about feeling like part of the family in the remote setting of a rural Nebraska farm. But most of all it was about watching God's will working in a family that is in desperate need of second chances, redemption and most of all; love. 

This book was provided by the publisher through Litfuse Nest for free in exchange for an honest review.  

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