Sunday, March 31, 2013

Take A Chance On Me

by Susan May Warren

Tyndale Publishers

Darek Christiansen is the most in-eligible bachelor in Deep Haven, but of course Ivy Madison doesn't know that when she first meets him. As the new assistant county attorney, Ivy is eager to finally put down roots, in the small, everyone-knows-your-name town in Minnesota. Growing up in 14 different foster homes, she has no family but dreams of being a part of one. The intriguing Darek has it all - a large, rambunctious family, a five-year-old son Tiger, and the kind of heart that attracts her attention from the moment she sees him interact with his son. 

But Darek has his secrets, such as the nature of his relationship with his late wife Felicity, and the truth about how she died. Little does he realize that Ivy was the person who crafted the plea bargain for the very man responsible for Felicity's death; Jensen Atwood. Will Darek be able to forgive Jensen in his part in his wife's death? Will he be able to forgive Felicity for being the enabler of Jensen's freedom? 

I was already in love with this novel when I realized that Warren had written six other books about Deep Haven. But I'm so glad I didn't know, because this novel is absolutely wonderful! Reading this made me wish that the Christiansen family was my own, and the characters are so well developed that it felt as if they were real people. I feel that if I just peek out my door, I'll see Claire bouncing out of her place with her pizza uniform on, all ready for her day at Deep Haven's pizza parlor. I've never read anything from this author, but I am an instant fan. I must and will order the first six books asap!!

This book was provided for free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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