Thursday, March 7, 2013

Be Still My Soul

by Joanne Bischof

Multnomah Publishers

Gideon O'Riley is just the sort of man Lonnie Sawyer should not be caught alone with. Naive, innocent, and painfully shy, Lonnie has no idea why mothers warn their daughters and fathers load their shotguns whenever Gideon comes around. One fateful night she has no one to walk her home in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, and Gideon makes the last minute decision to accompany her. When Gideon tries to steal more than a kiss, her fate is sealed.

Lonnie's father rushes a marriage between his daughter and the unruly bluegrass musician before anyone has anything to say about it. Lonnie does not love Gideon, but what choice does she have? Gideon feels his life is ruined by a woman that he can never love. Will Lonnie ever be able to love the rebellious, sullen, young man she was forced to marry? Will Gideon ever be able to love a woman he does not deserve?

I loved this book almost more than mail order bride stories. There was no way these two could have possibly fallen in love, but Bischof somehow found a way to make them not only endearing characters; but ones that stay with you even when the last page has been turned. The people they met all seem so real and tangible, as if I could walk out my door and simply go meet them. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel to see where Gideon and Lonnie's life together will take them.

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