Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wedded To War

by Jocelyn Green

River North Publishers

Charlotte Waverly has all she needs to succeed in life - money, affluence and a considerate, patient suitor. When the Civil War breaks out, she feels as if she needs to do more than just sew uniforms and put together supplies for the war effort like all the other women are doing. Upon seeing an article in the newspaper reaching out to the public about the need for nurses, she quickly decides that it is something she can do. Despite the opposition of her mother, and to the horror of her beau, Phineas Hastings, she embarks on her journey.

What she discovers is not at all what she expected. She expected opposition, but not downright hate, disrespect, and resistance to female nurses. Between the overwhelming lack of supplies and medicines for the wounded, and the horrific unpreparedness of the Union Army's Medical Department; Charlotte knows she has found a worthy cause to be a part of despite the fact that her abilities, faith, and perseverance are sorely tested. Will she be able to press on toward a calling she believes she is destined to fulfill? Or will she crack under the strain of a profession no one believes she should have?

I know that nurses weren't always as highly respected as they are today. But I never realized just how hard it was to be a nurse during the Civil War. This novel was not only informative, but rich with history and heart. I found myself cheering Charlotte on, despite the opposition and hardship, and hoping she would succeed against all odds. A very enjoyable and well written novel from first-time author Green.

This book was provided from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.

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