Monday, July 1, 2013

Tidewater Inn

by Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Libby Holladay is a historic preservationist with no idea of her own roots. When her business partner, Nicole, uncovers some information regarding an inheritance on a remote island, Libby is thrilled to be the owner of a beautiful, old inn. Not only did her father leave her a dream renovation on a private beach, he left behind a family for Libby to get acquainted with. 

But things are not as they seem. Libby's half siblings, Vanessa and Brent are not welcoming, and Nicole is kidnapped before she can give tell Libby what she knows. Now Libby is under suspicion for the crime, and things in the past are coming up at the most inopportune times. She has no way to prove her innocence, and time is running out as the evidence mounts against her. Even the helpful Coast Guard lieutenant who is cousin to the sheriff may not be able to help her. Will Libby be able to prove she didn't hurt Nicole? Will anyone be able to find out who did? And will the hurt between her and her father's children every be bridged? 

This book was an attention grabber from the first page. I loved the setting, although I will admit it took a little while to enjoy the setting at first. But Bree and Samson won me over, as did the rumors of Blackbeard's treasure. The characters were a fun bunch, especially misguided, grieving Zach. But of course, everything works out in the end. I've learned the hard way to enjoy the happy endings, because some writers seem to not take that into consideration. Coble gives us just the right mixture of suspense mystery, and of course, romance.

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