Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prairie Song

by Mona Hodgson 
WaterBrook Press 

The Civil War has destroyed the Goben family's last hope, in the form of the death of Anna's brother, Dedrick. Leaving Missouri and her quilting circle will be hard; but as Anna's mother constantly grieves over her lost son, her drinking has gotten out of control, while Anna's grandfather has become a silent bag of bones. Anna's only hope in keeping the family together is to escort them to California, with the hope that the trip west will neither break them apart or kill them in the process. 

Bones Lick Company wagon train is just the solution Anna is looking for. Caleb Reger is in charge of the safety of the travelers, and he plans on keeping his head down and minding his own business. He is guarding secrets about his past, and he is running away from God's will for his life. Caleb and Anna want avoid each other studiously, but circumstances do not permit such luxuries. Will roaming across the prairie break their spirit? Or will God's mercy sustain them all through the trials they are sure to face? 

This novel was such a beautiful example of the human spirit and God's grace to all people throughout the ages. These people represent the indomitable spirit of immigrants everywhere, and the things they endured to make their dreams come true. The characters Hodgson portrays inspire you to believe that determination, constant prayer, and faith will see you through anything. A book well written, inspiring, and a recommend read for your fall must-read list. 

This book was provided for free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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