Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Preacher's Wife

by Brandi Boddie
Realms Publishers

Can this small-town girl trade her tarnished past for a respectable life?

During the hot, windy summer of 1870 in the burgeoning prairie town of Assurance, Kansas, Marissa Pierce is fed up with her abusive boss. She longs to start a new life and is growing weary of convincing townsfolk that she is most certainly not a prostitute.
Civil War veteran and preacher Rowe Winford arrives in town intent on leaving the tragic memories of his deceased family behind. Although Rowe has no plans to fall in love anytime soon, the plans of God rarely match those of man.
Faced with adversity and rejection from the town and Rowe’s family, can Marissa overcome her past, renew her faith, and experience the life of love that God has planned for her?

My Review:

Marissa and Rowe are as different as two people of the opposite sex can be. But one thing they share is the brokenness of their past and the pain that hovers just above the surface. I had to love this story that brought together two people that were so different, and from completely different walks of life. The writing was stellar, and an exhilarating first novel. 

The concept of this story is not far-fetched at all, and I thought the premise was lovely. A saloon girl meets the preacher sounds like the unlikeliest of romances, but I can completely see where redemption can be found for both sides to reconcile. With the themes of hope, faith, forgiveness, love and second chances, Boddie's meticulous historical research and heartfelt characters shows us that God sees us through different Eyes and loves us no matter what. 

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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